Help for the City of Colorado Springs Campaign Finance Application

For additional help with the Campaign Finance system please read the User Guide

The City of Colorado Springs requires disclosure of information relating to campaign finance. Candidates, candidate committees, issue committees, and political committees must file disclosure statements. See City Code sections 5.2.201 through section 5.2.211 for more detailed information. If you are not sure whether a contribution must be reported, it is advisable to report it. There is no harm in over reporting.

There are no limits on the amount of contributions to a candidate or committee. However, all contribution sources for candidates, candidate committees, political committees, small scale issue committees and issue committees are required to disclose periodically a "Report of Contributions and Expenditures." For more information, including the monetary threshold that triggers the requirement to file, visit our Campaign Finance FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

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To establish an account to file electronically or to allow another to file electronically on their behalf, the Candidate or Committee representative will need to complete an authorization form, with original signature, and file with the city clerk's office.

Campaign Finance Electronic Filing Authorization


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